The COVID-19 crisis has made clear to all of us how critical schools are for feeding our children.This is true now more than ever during this time of financial and health hardships for families.At the same time, Michigan’s farmers are facing major market losses, with the closures of farmers’ markets, restaurants, and more.Instead of feeding children fresh produce, we face the prospect of Michigan agricultural products rotting on the ground.

10 Cents a Meal for Michigan’s Kids & Farms program is one of Healthy Kids Healthy Michigan’s top policy priorities as it addresses critical needs in four different ways during tradition times and during the COVID-19 crisis:1) Provides nutritious food for our children.2) Invests in Michigan’s hard-hit economy and farms.3) Strengthens Michigan’s essential infrastructure in local food supply chains, as we have seen national supplies falter.4) Leverages as many federal dollars to Michigan as possible.Schools rely on National School Lunch dollars as their match for state 10 Cents grants.HKHM needs your help in contacting legislators in an effort to get the ’10 Cents’ program restored as an essential school food program. Please take two minutes to let legislators and Governor Gretchen Whitmer know that funding for ’10 Cents a Meal’ for Michigan’s Kids & Farms must finally be funded this year in a supplemental School Aid Budget!CLICK HERE TO CONTACT YOUR POLICYMAKERS